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#BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving

Yesterday was the second #BeachChat on Twitter and it was so much fun. For those of you who missed it,  not to worry here`s a recap of the questions and what people said. And you can always join the next one, every last #BeachThursday of the month.

Q1. Which one do you prefer: snorkeling/diving or both? Why? #BeachChat

By @turnipseeds A1 Snorkeling – can easily bring my gear with me with my one carryon. #beachchat
By @MNomades A1 like diving for deep / quick explorations and snorkeling for looong shallow swims 😉 #BeachChat
By @trover A1. Snorkeling is great for long casual swims. Kind of like strolling, but for lazy people! #BeachChat
#BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving: BeachChat A1

Q2. Which was the smallest/biggest animal you have come across with while diving/snorkeling? #BeachChat

By @AntiTourist #beachchat A2. In Malaysia I pet a wild turtle–it swam up to me. In Thailand, giant grouper (5′ long) glared my way.
By @1step2theleft A.2. Biggest: Whale shark and Hammerhead shark. Smallest: Pigmy seahorse. But I prefer the big stuff! 🙂 #BeachChat
#BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving: BeachChat A2

Q3. Longest diving session you ever experienced and what did you like about it? #BeachChat

By @Tripeese A3 Longest-Hmmm I think I’ve stayed down for about an hour. I love just floating around. #beachchat
By @MalloryOnTravel A3 Countless shallow water dives of more than an hour, twin tanks at depth around 80 minutes #BeachChat


Q4. Where was your most memorable snorkeling/diving experience & share a pic if possible? #BeachChat

By @batsuze A4. Great Barrier Reef – is there any other answer? #BeachChat
By @jkheaton A4. Best was probably all over French Polynesian islands. Grand Cayman always fun. Even great snorkeling in Bermuda! #BeachChat
#BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving: BeachChat A4
#BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving: BeachChat A4
#BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving: BeachChat A4

Q5. Do you have good underwater photography tips? #BeachChat

By @MalloryOnTravel A5 Make sure your camera is waterproof 😉 #BeachChat
By @KookyTraveller A5 keep your hair away from the waterproof rubber seal when the case is open – broken camera 😉 #BeachChat
By @awolamericans A5. I’d highly recommend a GoPro. Not paid 2 endorse them – have just ended up with some great above & below water photos and videos #BeachChat
BeachChat Recap: Snorkeling and Diving: BeachChat A5

Q6. Do you think cage shark diving is ethical? #BeachChat

By @GeoramaTravel A6 It isn’t unethical…but not so sure if it is ethical either. Gray area. Q6 Do you think cage shark diving is ethical? #BeachChat
By @wildblogs A6. I don’t see it as unethical but rather a chance to learn and understand them better #BeachChat


Q7. Where did you first qualify as a diver and how did you feel first time you had to breathe through a regulator? #BeachChat

By @Lozula A7 – I’ve only ever done one dive, no qualifications, open water. I’m going with… weird. #beachchat
By @Tripeese A7: Vera Luka, Croatia. It was nerve-wrecking. I felt slightly panicked my 1st time, but was hooked #beachchat
By @SuitcaseBrenna A7: Open Water in Thailand, Advanced in Indonesia, Rescue in Colombia. It’s always felt so natural to me, the regulator was fine! #BeachChat

Q8. Which dive/snorkeling spot is still on your wish list? #BeachChat

By @MiraCristine A8: Great Barrier Reef some day #beachchat
By @JeromeShaw A8 Which dive/snorkeling spot is still on your wish list? #BeachChat <Great Barrier Reef definitely – would love to dive in French Polynesia
By @TeaForTeri A8. Same. RT @awolamericans: Soooo many places – Thailand, Australisa, Italy, Africa. Must go check airfare now…#BeachChat

Thanks to all who joined & a special thanks to Iain & Alexandre for co-hosting.
See you next #BeachChat on 25 July 2013!


Want to get involved by co-hosting the next one, let me know! Or you can add suggestions for next month`s topic here.

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