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THE 5: Beach Outfit Ideas

THE 5 Beach Outfits

It`s not because you`re going to the beach, your only options are a bikini or a bathing suit. You can look glamorous and stylish at the beach too! Here are some beach outfit ideas I found while browsing Pinterest. Here`s a top 5 of my favorite beach outfits.

1. Stylish Beach Cover-up

Beach Outfit Ideas: the Beach Cover UpSource

Sometimes you don`t need much to look stylish. This beach cover-up does it all for you. Add a few accessories to it and you`re all set.

2. Long Skirt and Top

Beach Outfit Ideas: Long skirt and topSource

This is an outfit you can wear to a beach party or for a night out on your beach holiday. The color “coral” works well with the color “turquoise”, maybe a tip for a necklace or bracelet. Combine a long skirt with a nice belt, some chic sunglasses and a pair of elegant sandals. You`ll be the star of the evening.

3. Maxi Dress

Beach Outfit Ideas: Maxi DressSource

This maxi dress gives you the instant glamour look you`re looking for. Maxi dresses are perfect for the beach, they`re usually made out of comfortable fabric and with all the different designs these days I`m sure you`ll find something to your liking.

4. Short Beach Dress

Beach Oufit Ideas: Short Summer DressSource

When you want a quick and easy beach outfit, a short beach dress is your thing. Pick a summer dress that has a cute design or a bold color to make it stand out.

5. Casual Beach Look

Casual Beach LookSource

Maybe dresses aren`t your cup of tea, not to worry, shorts with a shirt or tank top can make you look trendy too. It`s all in the way you spice it up. A sun hat or a fancy beach bag can do the trick.

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What`s your favorite outfit for the beach?

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