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THE 5: Beach Gift Ideas

THE 5: Beach Gift Ideas

With the Holiday Season upon us, I thought it would be a great time to make a list of beach gifts. Here are a few ideas for the beach lovers among us.

1. Beachy Jewelry

Beach Gift Ideas: Bracelet

I came across this bracelet on Pinterest and love the color. Jewelry or beach accessories are always a good idea as a gift! Need more ideas on beach accessories? Here you go: THE 5 Beach Accessories.

2. Combined Beach Gift

Beach Gift Idea

I love this idea for any occasion! You can put together whatever you want, but I think a towel, magazine and sunscreen are the perfect combination for a day at the beach.

3. A Beach Bag

Beach Gift Idea: beach bag

Every beach bum likes having a stylish beach bag. And guess what, you can make this one yourself! Here are the instructions. On a budget? Or simply like to personalize your gifts, here is another idea to get creative: DIY flip flops.

4. Beach House Gift

Beach Gift Idea: Pillow

Who doesn`t like decorating their beach house or add a touch of the beach to their own home? You can either buy pillows with a beach look or you can make your own: beach burlap pillow.

5. Beach Getaway

Beach Gift Idea: a getaway to the beach

Want to splurge on the gift for your loved one? How about surprising them with a beach getaway! This can be a weekend at the beach or a trip to an exotic beach location. Need some inspiration on destinations, make sure to browse around this website.

Want instructions for the gift box in the first photo, check out TaraDennis.com.

What would you like to receive as a gift?

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