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Hair Tips For Your Next Beach Vacation

Very happy to share these hair tips from hairstylist Errol Douglas MBE. Mr Douglas says: “Hair needs a vacation too”. He explains why the great escape should be extended to our locks.

Hair Tips

“First and foremost, the clue’s in the word VACATION, I always advise clients to give their hair some R&R too. The everyday pressures we go away to escape for a couple of days or weeks, apply to hair too: pollution, stress and constant use of heated styling tools all take their toll. Taking a real break from these allows the hair to recover and is the best way to avoid that straw-like look when you get back.”

The best approach to hair on vacation is to keep it low maintenance. There’s a way to take a break from complicated styling and really commit to giving your locks a break. Back home, glossy locks look better with a tan.

Here’s my top tips for styling, for packing…and a few personal tricks I share with clients too…



Hydration… squared: The common thread through all hair diasters is a lack of hydration.  Sun, sand, chorline and humidity all sap moisture from the hair and scalp.  Don’t skimp on protectants – either buy a UV moisture infusing product or pack a big, back on trend 70s cover all floppy hat (think Jade Jagger circa Studio 54).  Take a high potency hair mask (Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask Light) apply to damp hair in the morning, tie back, pop on the hat and head to the pool, rinse out pre-dinner for glossy locks

Go with your flow: The best way to style on vacation is to embrace the natural direction and kinks in your hair, and the fix all is a braid by day for natural waves when taken out at night OR a more polished fishtail braid for evening is very 2013 red carpet.

Rollers in, make up on:  Pack a set of 4 large roller for a non-harsh heated styling option – on dry hair divide into four sections, spray each with a very light hairspray that allows movement, pop in the rollers, take out just before you head out – natural, non “over done” body.


Sun hat

We all have a budget, but decide on the deal breaker for your hair health on your beach getaway and invest in it:

  • A UV protectant or a hat – no excuses. Try: Mark Hill Holiday Hair Cover up £5.99, Boots
  • Grey hair  and highlighted blonde hair – A blue or violet pigmented shampoo is a must – Grey is low in melanin and the blonde spectrum highlighting process makes both subject to that “brassy” look if over exposed to the sun and chlorine.  Try: A Touch Of Silver, Boots, £3.09
  • Moroccanoil Original Treatment: The oil that multi-tasks – hydratings, tames, combats frizz and adds shine.  Used on wet and dry hair – if you have to edit your product packing list, keep this.  In selected salons, www.erroldouglas.com from £13 25 ml
  • An alice band – minimal styling required with a well chosen cute band
  • A wide toothed comb – keeps pulling and thus breakage to a minimum


The centuries old Tropical trick: Pick up a tub of solid Coconut oil if you’re in the Caribbean – incredibly cheap and an established all rounder.  It’s the natural remedy for parched hair – shine, gloss and healthy scalp from applying just a little. Coconut oil contains Vitamin E (an essential nutrient for skin and hair), lauric acid and capric acid, all  help to promote T protein regrowth in the hair, by penetrating deep into each hair, making it stronger.  Not just for afro hair, all hair in need of hydration will benefit.  The Body Shop also does a handy tin balm at £5.50

Cool wash:  Always wash out sea and pool water with cool water, it doesn’t effect the quality of the cleanse which is down to the lather and product.  Hot water over stimulates the sebaceious glands – greasy not glossy finish.

Powder puff:  Translucent powder can double up to remove grease from the scalp as well as from the T-zone. Sprinkle a tiny amount on hair roots and brush through.  It’s a saving on dry shampoo too.


Bottom line – there’s no substitute for a deep conditioning treatment and trim at your salon.

Thanks so much Mr Douglas for these hair tips. If you`d like to know more about Errol Douglas MBE, check out his website at www.erroldouglas.com.

What`s your best hair tip on vacation?

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