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Beachthursday is an idea that started one rainy Thursday. I`m a beach lover and because the weather was so miserable that particular day, I was dreaming of being at a beach somewhere. I started putting tweets with a Beachthursday tag on Twitter and talked about different beaches I had been, which beaches were still on my list… And that`s how the idea was born.

Now people tweet and retweet about their favorite beach destinations, beach pictures,… anything with a beach theme. They love being able to dream away about tropical paradises or remember their best beach moments. It has grown to the largest social media event online about beaches.

After the success of the hashtag, the website was created and soon #BeachChat followed.


A range of advertisement options are available. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


I`d be happy to review your product or hotel if I think it will be relevant to my readers. Feel free to send an email my way: [email protected].


Interested in collaborating for a giveaway? Or organizing your own giveaway and need the extra online exposure? Contact me at [email protected] to discuss details.


#BeachThursday is an all-day event. People from around the world share their beach love every Thursday.

#BeachChat is a one hour conversation during the last (beach)Thursday of the month. It`s a concentrated conversation on a specific topic with questions asked by me and 2 co-hosts where people from around the world interact with their own answers (experiences) to the questions.

Why sponsor #BeachThursday and/or #BeachChat?

  • Affective way to reach a new audience
  • Targeted audience of beach lovers and travel addicts
  • 1 000 000+ impressions reaching 400 000+ accounts
  • Gain new followers and potential customers

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