What`s #BeachThursday?

BeachThursday is an idea that started one rainy Thursday. I`m a beach lover and because the weather was so miserable that particular day, I was daydreaming of being at a beach somewhere…

BeachThursday written in the sand

I started putting tweets with a #BeachThursday tag on Twitter and talked about different beaches I had been, which beaches were still on my list,… And that`s how “BeachThursday” was born.

Now people tweet & retweet about their favorite beach destinations, beach pictures,… anything with a beach theme. If you want to follow everything on Twitter, just look for #BeachThursday.

It got bigger and bigger each week and it was time to take #BeachThursday to the next level, having an own website for people to share their love for the beach.

You`ll find my personal beach photos, but also photos of readers, beach news and so much more. My suggestion is, take of your shoes, put your feet in the sand and take a relaxing walk along this site.

Life`s a Beach!