Rise and shine, its a beach day

How to have the Best Beach Party

Best Beach Party Ideas

With Summer in full swing, it`s time to organize a beach party. Here are a few tips to get you started:

At the Beach


  • A cool party sign with balloons will show your guests where the party is happening.
  • Add some beach umbrella`s to give shade for those who want, this will at the same time serve as decoration.
  • A quick way to add color to your party is to place some bright colored beach towels, blankets and cushions. This will also provide seating for your guests.



Best Beach Party Ideas: Frozen Mango Margaritas

I found this really cool recipe of mango and raspberry margaritas, you can make them ahead and put them in the freezer.  This is also perfect as a beach party drink. Or how about adult Capri Suns with vodka?


Don`t forget to bring a cooler to keep those drinks cold!


Best Beach Party Ideas: Beachy Cupcakes

  • Snacks: pretzels, chips and popcorn will do the trick, especially if you adjust the containers.
  • Bring a small grill (or two), some burgers, hot dogs or meat on a stick and you`re good to go. Make sure you either grill the meat straight away or bring a cooler to preserve the food.
  • How about some beach cupcakes for the sweet tooth among us or a healthier choice: fresh food as dessert.


Beach Party Ideas: Building Sandcastles

  • Build sand castles, fun for young and old
  • Have a dance contest! Put on some tunes and dance your heart out.
  • If it`s allowed at your beach (check first if you can!), have a bonfire. These are great to gather around to enjoy each other’s company and maybe have some s`mores.
  • Play games. Here`s a great list of beach games.

Need some inspiration for a beach outfit? Check out THE 5 Beach Outfit Ideas.


At Home

Not at the beach? No worries, you can still have a beach party at home with a few tricks.

Best Beach Party Ideas: theme Hawaiian Luau

  • Have a beach theme like a surf party or a Hawaiian Luau, instant beach feeling!
  • Turn on a great playlist of beach music with the likes of the Beach Boys, Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffet… who says you need a beach for a good beach party?
  • Use big tubs with ices to keep drinks cool or even a small kids pool filled with ice will do the job.

For a Kids Beach Party

Best Beach Party Ideas: Beach Ball Candy

  • Use cookie cutters to makes funny shapes out of fresh food
  • Make Kiwi popsicles! You can do this with more than just kiwis, how about pieces of watermelon on a stick.
  • Serve candy as beach balls
  • Have a major water fight with water balloons or water pistols
  • Blow bubbles
  • Have a sand box ready for them to feel the sand between their toes

What`s your best beach party tip?

Photo Credit: margaritassandcastle, Luau, beach balls

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