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What`s in my Beach Bag?

Lacey from Sunny + Turquoise shares what`s in her beach bag.


1.  This Bayside Beach Tote is perfection for the beach. Any over-sized bag is my kind of bag so it allows me to stuff my entire life into it. Because we all need our life at the beach, right?

2. A beach towel is a great accessory and can say something about your style. (wait, you don’t look at other people’s beach towels and determine what it says about them?) Billabong has the perfect pattern this year.

3. A good pair of sunglasses are key at the beach. First, we don’t want wrinkles near our eyes. Second, another good accessory. Third, perfect for hiding our people watching / creeping on others at the beach.

4. I’m always wandering off looking for a food stand or nearby place to get a drink. A cover-up is a good way to make sure you’re not prancing around in nearly nothing while doing that.

5. Just laying out at the beach can get a little boring, so having something good to read always keeps me entertained.

6. I’m a wedge kind of gal, but I’m smart enough to leave ’em at home while heading to the beach. Having a pair of flip flops that easy to slip on and off is key. Also, I like to bring cheap ones because I can get paranoid mine will blow away, get swept up in the waves or a sketchy person will snatch them.

7. Nowadays, I want a hat when I’m in the sun for a significant amount of time. For me, it’s not “cool” to have a face that looks like leather from laying out. Protect while being stylish.

8. I use to wear SPF 4 and think I was getting the job done good enough so I could still bake in the sun. I’ve wised up and upped my game with a sunscreen having a higher SPF.

9. Chapstick. My lips can get burnt and look similar to a snake shedding layers of skin. Not okay.

10. A waterproof makeup bag comes in handy when storing your chapstick, waterproof mascara, phone, camera and anything else you have.

11. When I take a snooze, having good tunes in my ear is a must.

12. Like I said, I’m always munching, so trail mix is my go to snack at the beach. A good mix of salty and crunchy foods.


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Hi, I’m Lacey.
I love anything turquoise and a sunny day.
I know too much about pop culture and eat popcorn daily.
I’m an environmental software sales woman by day and a professional Bravo TV expert by night.
I do not enjoy scary movies or my food touching.
I prefer autobiographies and plane rides.
I love chunky jewelry and chips + dip.

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Now we know what`s in Lacey`s beach bag. What`s in yours?

Make sure to come back next week, I have a surprise for one of my readers.

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