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Beachside Babes and Beauty

Monica from fashion blog, The Elgin Avenue, shares some tips on how to look your best at the beach.

It seems to me that some girls just have a knack for working the beachside like they were born on it! Hair softly tousled, limbs glowing, bikini sitting just so…the fact is that with a little sunshine know-how every one can look fantastic on the beach (and off!), and not just those amongst us with a Buenos Aires address (those Giselle-ettes are just a whole different species!)

Beachside tips

Read on for my beachside must-haves and tips; these little numbers have gotten me through some pretty heated times! No pun intended.

For your hair
For me Kerastase’s Soleil sun hair care range is a complete holiday savior. Designed especially to combat the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure, sea salt and sweat, the shampoo and ‘aqua seal’ serum make for an incredible combination – there is nothing that shampoo can’t get through! Use it throughout your holiday with a deep conditioning mask and you will really notice a difference.
Buy directly from a salon, or from Shoprush.co.uk

For your skin
Obviously use a protective sun lotion, however if you do burn, or come up in a heat rash, I recommend using a pure aloe vera gel which you should be able to buy from any good chemist. Keep it in the fridge for extra relief when applied. Oh and eat tomatoes – perhaps it is an old wive’s tale but it has seriously helped me – anti inflammatory and super hydrating!
Buy from any chemist, or from hollandandbarrett.com

For your face
The combination of sunshine, rest and (hopefully!) a lot of fun, will have you looking pretty darn great on holiday already, so really your beauty routine need not be particularly complicated. I like to keep things really simple in the day, just lip balm with an SPF and a slightly defined brow. For the evening a bright pop of lipstick looks fantastic! I favour a reddy/orange or a bright fuchsia pink. I’ll either wear no mascara or on my top lashes only, and of course a good dusting of bronzing powder – you may as well big up that tan you are working on!
Try sephora.com for a great range of beauty brands.

Beachside beauty

For your accessories
There are two types of bag I think every woman should have for the beach – a small across the body bag for phone, money, keys and camera, and a big woven tote for towels, water, books etc.
A big floppy hat is undeniably glamorous, however I actually think that they are better in a city than at the beach as they can be fussy to carry around. Instead I like to pack a few silk and cotton scarves to tie in my hair like an alice band, combined with a top knot bun it is a great way of keeping hair off of your face but still looking stylish. For sandals, I either like classic tan gladiators or bejewelled and bright – either way pack no more than one pair per week you go away – shoes are the devil when it comes to excess baggage weight!
Style-passport.com is excellent for holiday fashion.

For your clothes
Pack light and pack bright! A big do-it-all scarf is essential – a seriously hard working item it will act as a wrap/blanket/actual scarf. In terms of colours, I would suggest having a few dark staples such as black shorts or a high waisted skirt and then lots of beautiful silks tops and shirts to accompany. Dresses are great too, particularly ones with embroidery or artsy touches like fringing and tassels. I always like to look like me, just with more of an emphasis on keeping cool, so mostly it is about choosing the correct fabrics – silks, jersey, linen and cotton are all fantastic in hot weather.
Again style-passport.com is great, and equally monicaandjoe.co.uk stock some really lovely brands, oh and shopbop.com ship internationally.

Packing light for the beachside

Yes this is really a tip! Some of my best ever fashion finds are pieces I have picked up when abroad. Jewellery, bags, clothes…anything which you have not seen being sold back home, and that you love, is worth picking up! Necklaces in particular have been one of my favourite things to collect over the years. Completely unique.

All in all nothing looks better than feeling refreshed! Relax, enjoy and hunt out those great beachside bargains!


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Monica Beatrice Welburn is the author of Marie Claire fashion blog of the year, TheElginAvenue. As well as writing for her own site, Monica contributes to Marie Claire online and Style It Light, and is the go-to accessories gal for Rihanna’s new television fashion series Styled To Rock.

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