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Gorgeous Malibu Beaches

Guest writer, Kathy Doyle, shares her passion for the Malibu beaches.

The 21 mile scenic coastline of Malibu is dotted with gorgeous beaches. The Pacific Coast Highway winds along the coast, offering some of the most beautiful views of this world-class, beach-lover’s paradise. Spectacular canyons and hillsides roll into the sea, and luxury homes abound. The beaches are the center of the Malibu lifestyle, with many residents’ lives centered around the stunning Pacific Ocean and famous surf. The waves are big and bold, the sands wind around beautiful coves, rock formations, and wide sandy beaches.

Malibu beaches

Some of the world’s most valuable real estate sits right on the sand. For a price, you can call the most gorgeous beaches in California your very own backyard. The homes span from modest beach houses to astounding modern mansions, but no matter what the views are nothing short of legendary.

Malibu mansion

Some of Malibu’s beaches are wide and sandy, filled with visitors from nearby Los Angeles. These beaches, for example Zuma and Surfrider beach, provide great stretches of sand to play in the sun and the surf with the whole family and tourists from around the world. Other beaches, further north along the coast, have bluffs that role into the sea, with homes perched upon them. These beaches have fine pebbled sand, and beautiful rock formations and tidal pools to explore. Expect to have fewer visitors here, and enjoy a sunset beach walk. Some of these more remote beaches include El Matador and El Pescador, they are worth the longer drive for any visitor looking for solitude and astounding beauty.

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Kathy Doyle is founder and owner of Kathy Doyle Estates, a brokerage firm specializing in luxury real estate from Malibu to Beverly Hills. Kathy has a personal passion for the beautiful beaches of Malibu and loves selling homes there. She specializes in beach properties. If you are looking for a beautiful beach home in Malibu, Kathy Doyle will go above and beyond to find the home of your dreams.

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