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Elbow Beach Bermuda

On the hotel`s website it says: “Your very own island paradise. With an idyllic location on one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Mandarin Oriental, Elbow Beach is a resort you’ll never forget.”  I couldn`t agree more.

Besides the amazing rooms (I`ll come to those in a minute), the location of this hotel is stunning.

Elbow Beach Bermuda

The hotel is located right on the beach, where the sand is pink and the water is all kinds of blue. The ocean changes colors constantly throughout the play of light and shadow, giving it those contrasts that make the water shades of blue, turquoise and emerald.

What makes the sand pink? When you look closely on the beach, you can see little particles of shells mixed with pieces of coral.

As promised next up: the rooms.

With a spacious room and a comfy bed, it`s hard to leave this sanctuary even with such beauty outside.

Room at Elbow Beach Bermuda

Not to mention, the bath tub in the large bathroom. Which I might add you can soak in while watching a movie (first hand experience!)

Bath tub at Elbow Beach Bermuda

If you have a moment and you`re not enjoying your room or the gorgeous beach, make a stop at the Elbow Beach Spa. I remember my treatment, like it was yesterday. With the words: “Kindly close your eyes” and the sound of two cymbals gentle touching my Spa treatment had started.

The spa at Elbow Beach Bermuda

The Spa has private suites for all the treatments. In most spas you enter into a “zen” environment and that`s what happened here too, but to top the “zenness”, they provide you with your own private hideaway for the next few hours where there is everything from shower to heated towels. Giving you the opportunity to relax before you even start your pampering session.

If you want a beach vacation where you have luxury combined with relaxing under waving palms, this is your spot!

Waving palms at Elbow Beach Bermuda

Ready to go yourself? Room rates start from USD 355 plus taxes and resort fee for a Premier Garden View Room or USD 429 plus taxes and resort fee for a Premier Ocean View Room, this is the room I stayed at. Check for availability.

I was invited on this trip by the Bermudian Tourism Board. As always the opinions in this post are my own. Thanks to Elbow Beach for hosting me.

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