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Aerial of Tsarabanjina Island

The private paradise of Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar

This is the island of Tsarabanjina, an undiscovered place of tranquillity just off the Northwest Madagascan coast. A nation known for its biodiversity and history, Tsarabanjina is a sacred spot for the people of the Mitsio Archipelago as the tomb of the Sakalava kings are found here, and for generations on end, these people have […]

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Sumilon, Philippines

Sumilon Island, Philippines

After three weeks of traveling around the Philippines, we simply wanted to kick back for a few days in Crusoe-esque splendor – and on Sumilon Island we did just that. Located 10 km from Cebu island, it might be just a hop away from civilization but it sure felt like a world apart. Landing on […]

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