Rise and shine, its a beach day

Featured Photo: Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

#BeachThursday at Tasmania, Australia

Here`s Nelson, also known as @Mr_Bump_a_Lot, making sure #BeachThursday gets its place at Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. Wineglass Bay is known as one of Tasmania`s iconic destinations and I for one would love to visit. How about you?

Have you been to Wineglass Bay?

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One Response to “Featured Photo: Wineglass Bay, Tasmania”

  1. Mica April 18, 2013 7:53 pm #

    Scenic beach for sure, getting down there is fun but climbing back up….lots of steps! Its worth it though.
    On a sunny day, its gorgeous. And, if you can get your gear down there, you can camp there!

    Love Tasmania 🙂

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