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The Perfect Beach: Reethi Beach

Guest Post by @TravelJody

Picking a favourite beach is difficult, I’ve seen some fantastic beaches during my travels. Despite the fact that many share the same characteristics, each one yields its own special charm and appeal.

The Perfect Beach: Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach is not just a beach, but an island located in the Baa Atoll of the Maldives. It’s eco friendly credentials have meant numerous accolades and it’s rustic charm and tropical serenity led to me making a repeat visit, surely worthy of my top spot then.

The Perfect Beach: Reethi Beach

The beach here is never more than a few steps from your room, perfect for those seeking relaxation over adventure. The off white sand is fine and despite the tropical heat, never gets too hot to walk comfortably on. The water’s edge is dotted with small shells and if you lie still enough on your padded sun bed, you are bound to spot the little white ghost crabs popping in and out of their sand tunnel homes. Always searching for food and avoiding the watchful eye of the resident heron.  Being surrounded by uninhabited green islands means little to distract you from the art of doing nothing, just the occasional passing dhoni (traditional Maldivian fishing boat) or seaplane to bring some welcome background noise. Pay special attention to the horizon in the morning as it’s more than likely that a pod of dolphins will cruise the reef edge looking for breakfast, on a successful day they will delight you with their acrobatic show.

The Perfect Beach: Underwater at Reethi

Part of what makes this beach so special and serene are the tall, lush palm trees that surround it. Home to young coconuts that grow in abundance and fruit bats catching some sleep before their dusk adventures, they stand tall and proud, swaying slightly in the gentle Indian Ocean breeze. My personal highlight here is the always warm, always inviting and always colourful sea. It is every shade of blue and green that you could imagine, dotted with little coral blocks and alive with thousands of tropical fish. Take a leisurely snorkel after a morning relaxing on the beach and be greeted by shoals of redtooth trigger fish, happy to accompany you on your journey around their stunning home. Pick the right time of year and you could be sharing the water with the gentle giant Manta Ray. Their barrel roll feeding technique could be the most majestic of all the underwater world and it is a privilege to see them in their natural habitat.

The Perfect Beach: Watching the Sunset at Reethi Beach

Whilst not immune to erosion brought by the changing currents, the beach at Reethi is always picture postcard perfect, especially in the early mornings and at sunset.  Couple all of this with friendly staff and culinary delights and you have all the reasons why I am already planning yet another trip to what is now my second home.

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  1. Gayla July 16, 2013 2:04 pm #

    This beach does look perfect. So pristine and seemingly untouched. Beautiful!


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