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THE 5: Beach Accessories

THE 5 Beach AccessoriesNext in THE 5-series is Beach Accessories, not only an important part of a beach outfit but also practical, for example to protect you from the sun. Here are my favorite accessories.

1. Jewelry

Beach Accessories: Jewelry

You might not think about jewelry at the beach right away, but jewelry can add that bit of sparkle and flair to your outfit. Scroll down to learn more on how to make your own DIY bracelet.

2. Sunglasses

THE 5 Beach Accessories: SunglassesSunglasses are not only a great accessory, they also prevent bright light from discomforting your eyes and protect from UV rays. It is important to choose the right sunglasses that fit well and provide full protection against ultraviolet light.

3. Sandals

Beach Accessories: Sandals

Nothing as lovely as a pair of cute sandals! Now you can show off those colored nails you had done after a nice pedicure.

4. Sun Hat

Beach Accessories: Sun Hat

As with sunglasses a sun hat is not only a beautiful accessory to your outfit, it also protects your hair from the sun.

5. Sunshine

Sunshine is my favorite accessory

Let`s be honest, we all love sunshine in our lives don`t we?

Bonus: I found this DIY bracelet tutorial

DIY bracelet

What`s your favorite beach accessory?

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  1. Gayla September 5, 2013 9:36 pm #

    I love those bracelets and the snazzy sandals!! Must have 🙂


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