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The private paradise of Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar

Aerial of Tsarabanjina Island Madagascar

This is the island of Tsarabanjina, an undiscovered place of tranquillity just off the Northwest Madagascan coast. A nation known for its biodiversity and history, Tsarabanjina is a sacred spot for the people of the Mitsio Archipelago as the tomb of the Sakalava kings are found here, and for generations on end, these people have come to the tomb to bear gifts of honey and rum. Boat trips run to the nearby great basalt columns in the morning, the famous sight of “Grande Mitsio” and watch the sun go down over the mythological Les Quatre Frères (The Four Brothers islets) with company of ballet of frigate birds, northern gannets and white-tailed tropic birds.

Thanks to @BeInspired2Go for sharing this lovely photo!

2 Responses to “The private paradise of Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar”

  1. Monica July 26, 2012 10:11 am #

    Yes please! This looks like an absolute dream come true. I’m currently planning a holiday and photos like this are not helping with the decision making. Now I want to go to Madagascar!

  2. Melanie August 7, 2012 12:25 pm #

    When I look at this picture. I don’t think of Madagascar. I think of the Caribbean, because in the Caribbean you’ll find a lot of these remote islands. People charter a yacht and explore islands, beaches and shores in the Caribbean to see the area from a different point of view. Anyway, Tsarabanjina island looks very inviting and I’ve learned a little about the island from you. I’m definitely considering Madagascar as one of my next vacation destinations…

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