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How to wear a sarong?

When traveling on a beach vacation, you need different outfits. One for at the beach, at the pool, to go out for dinner or a party,… and you can`t always bring your whole closet, even though we sometimes wish we could. This is where a sarong comes in handy.

How to wear a sarong?

If you have to travel light, but want different looks, then check out this video I found on YouTube on different ways to wear a sarong or wrap. It shows you the flirty halter dress, casual slouch dress, halter top, strapless dress, drape cardigan (I thought this was cool, never seen it before!) and the one shoulder dress, very glamorous.


If you`re still on the lookout for more ideas, here are 3 short videos showing you how you can easily wear a sarong and add a few accessories to look gorgeous. There`s the casual look, the formal dress and the short dress. Each video starts with an introduction, but at 0:40 you can see the instructions.

Casual Look

Formal Dress

Short Dress

 If you have other tips to wear a sarong,

I would love to hear about them.


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3 Responses to “How to wear a sarong?”

  1. Gayla November 16, 2012 9:28 am #

    These are great tips! I just bought my first sarong anticipating a trip to a beach in the near future. Since I was clueless as to how to tie one, the boutique owner taught me a simple wrap by gathering the top corners of the sarong, with the opening in front, and making a simple loop knot at chest level. Perfect for covering my swimsuit. I can’t wait to try these other techniques. Thanks!


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