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Bond Girl Outfits for the Beach

James Bond celebrated its 50th year Anniversary. We all know that Bond girls always look ravishing no matter what they wear, hey, they`re Bond girls! But when I was in Toronto I visited a Bond exhibition and came across these. The beach outfits from no one less than Halle Barry, Ursula Andress, Daniel Craig and Sean Connery.

Beach Outfits out of some Bond movies: check out the Bond girl outfits

Let`s have a closer look at the Bond girl outfits for the beach. Ursula Andress wore this beach outfit while emerging from the surf in the first Bond movie Dr. No in 1962. This scene made Ursula world famous as ‘The Bond Girl’. As with everything in Bond movies, very well ahead of their time and a modern look in my opinion.

Beach Outfit Bond Girls

Fun fact: Did you know that the bikini sold at an auction in 2001 for £41,125 ($59,755) including commissions and tax. I was looking at an exact replica, as the original one is displayed in Planet Hollywood London I`ve been told.

It was Ursula`s bikini that inspired Linda Hemming to design a two-piece made for Halle Berry`s character, Jinx, for Die Another Day. If you look closely you can see a letter ‘J’ on her belt for Jinx.

Which bikini would you wear, the orange or the white one?

Because we could all be Bond girls right!

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2 Responses to “Bond Girl Outfits for the Beach”

  1. Gayla LaBry February 28, 2013 1:18 pm #

    If I had to choose based on color, I’d pick orange…it’s the national color of the Netherlands

  2. Isabelle February 28, 2013 1:24 pm #

    Good reason LOL I would probably go for the white one.

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